Thursday, March 28, 2013

Thank You Hashem for My Family!

Over Pesach, I  got a whole new outlook on life. 
Don't get me wrong, I do appreciate things, but most of the time, life goes on, things get hectic, work, dating, friends, family and we tend to 'move along' with things with no time to really think about how luck we are.
Occasionally, whilst delivering meals to hospitals and visiting patients there, I can't help but think 'מי כעמך ישראל' look at how lucky we, the Jews are that we take care of each other, bring people we don't even KNOW, warm fresh meals, and visit them. The way that the staff even look at us delivery girls shows what a special nation we are. 
On top of that, seeing people who were totally healthy and fine the day before only to find out suddenly that they had months/weeks/days to live, or to find out that they really were not healthy. Young people, people with families, the tragedies continue, unfortunately. 
Over Yom Tov, I saw a few of the 'marrieds' back in town visiting their family. They walked around proudly with their hubbies & children, whilst I walked home holding my machzor. They were busy with their kids hair/clothing, whilst I was worried about the run in my tights. They looked great in their perfect long curled wigs, whilst I had 2nd day non-washed hair and no makeup. Well, what can I say, the things I look forward to.
But what I appreciate most is my most AMAZING family. They are totally sensitive to my situation and I do appreciate that. I don't feel, nor am I treated like an outcast or a 'single'. They make sure I am never abandoned or alone. If I need to go to a function where I sorta know in advance I will get 'attacked' about my single-hood, a family member happily offers to come along without my even asking for it. It's amazing how I've taken this for granted. The extra sibling/parent/niece/nephew always accompanying me.
For example, today is Chol Hamoed. Most of my family was going on an outing, whilst I had work. My phone rang-it was my mom checking up on me, asking how my day was and assuring me we would do something fun today. Luckily I was able to leave early, but I assumed everyone left and I would sorta have to hang out...alone (gulp!) When I got home, there they all were-my happy family, all prepared and ready to go, only waiting for little old me to show up and join them.
How lucky I am to have such a wonderful, caring and sensitive family. I never say this and I probably should say it to them often, but I so appreciate the fact that I have a tremendously amazingly super fam ;)
May they continue to be Blessed with all good things


  1. Anyone born into a Torah family has very much to be thankful for.

  2. Oh, SS, so true. A supportive family is everything, and with them, practically anything is surmountable. I love using nieces and nephews as backups too. :)