Friday, March 22, 2013

Workin at the CAR WASH

Each year, one of my Pesach jobs is to clean the family car. I must admit, I sorta enjoy it, especially when the weather is nice. Spring is in the air, usually its sunny but cool, and I get to turn a somewhat trashed up car to a sparkling new & clean one.
Each year, though, it gets a bit tough. The fact that I live in a close knit Frum community, which is sorta to more yeshivish now then when I grew up, just makes things more complicated. Say, for example, that I used to blast my radio whilst cleaning, now I can no longer do that. Actually-I will no longer do that in respect of the yeshivish families/kids watching.
Another case in point-whilst I'm literally bending over to reach into the nooks and crannies, and trying to stuff a vacuum into tiny creases of the car seats, my shirt may rise a bit-so I wear a hoodie (sweatshirt) but that doesn't always keep things so tznius.
Oh, and what about positioning? It's hard to look all tznius, when you are on your hands/knees/stretching, leaning, doing manual labour, you know what I'm saying? And no, doing this in the evening, when it's dark is not an option.
For the non-Jews, a car-wash (fundraiser) is usually a 'prust' thing. You see women in bikinis jumping up and down, with sponges, etc. I find it disgusting, personally. It's more like they're advertising themselves then the actual car wash.
For me, the smalltown frum gal, it's just another Pesach cleaning job. So yes, I spent my day make-up free, with my hair in a pulled up smashed (somewhat) bun, with my hoodie. Then I realized, being 'shidduch age' and the sort, that I should atleast try and look presentable. So I topped it with fashion boots instead of rainboots or crocs. I think I pulled it off.
Well, atleast the car is clean :)


  1. Personally I think it's healthy for men to see what women look like when they aren't all dolled up. Let's talk reality, at some point God willing when you are married, you are going to run out of bed, hair a mess, eyes black with rings of exhaustion and puke your guts up in the toilet because you are expecting ;) Men need to see us when we aren't dolled up, can't expect a princess all the time.

  2. Instead of a hoodie, always wear a long tank top or other long shell under your outer shirt. Tuck it in for extra security. Don't they teach that in BY? Or is it not allowed to even own a sleeveless shell?