Thursday, March 7, 2013

I Can Take It

These last few days have been InSaNe. I mean, B"H I'm getting calls and suggestions, but at the same time, I'm getting absolutely nowhere. Don't get me wrong, I am thankful & grateful to all these people for 'thinking' of me and having me in mind, but at the same time, I am frustrated at the whole shidduch system. If people say 'no' for whatever reason-don't let the other side wait....don't be too coward to call back and tell them the other side said 'no'. I rather hear a 'no', then wait around NOT knowing at all.
First off, was the lady who 'redd' me to a guy who was SOOO totally NOT what I was looking for that the fact that it was even being suggested to ME-was shocking. I decided not to even respond. Then I realized the guilt of not responding to someone who took the time out to think of/read/send/suggest the guy would eat me alive. 'she obviously thought it was shayach' was my 'good' conscience thought and I got back to her. BIG MISTAKE: she psychoanaylyzed me and explained that even though she knew it was everything I wasn't looking for-she just wanted to know why I was saying no....
Then came the other woman who suggested me to this guy. She sent me his info. It sounded decent-and not really like the kind of guy I was looking for-but someone I would still do some research on and perhaps even go out with, despite the other things. I didn't hear back from her for 2 weeks. Then she explained the guy asked for a photo because he wasn't really that interested in dating me and didn't feel I was the type of girl he was looking for either, but if he was going to date an 'out-of-town' girl and even think about traveling to do so, he would need a photo. I sent it...guess what? I never heard back.
Third was another lady who suggested a guy. Let's name him Charlie. Charlie was suggested to me numerous times over the years but never agreed to go out with me. I know nothing about Charlie other than his name and his status as single, since I only received called asking me if 'Charlie' was ever redd/we ever dated and then was asked to forward my info. Anyway lady #3 suggested Charlie and asked for my photo. I refused to send it, explaining that he probably has a alteast 5 photos/profiles/resumes of me over the years and being that I don't change that often and pretty much look the same, it wouldn't make a difference. Women #3 pleaded with me, got other communal people to plead with me and I sent my photo. Just yesterday woman #3 got back to me (after 5 weeks of my sent photo) and informed me that the guy said no. ('surprise, surprise'). I'm just wondering where he keeps his photo album....
Wait-it gets better, but that will be post #2 as a followup.
Stay Tuned!

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