Friday, March 8, 2013

I Can Take It-Part 2

In the interim of all this Shidduch 'chaos' I attended 2 Simchas. Lucky me-I had to face the community & beyond, all dressed up, with the 'nebach stares' for being labeled an 'older single'.
I also bumped into an ex-guy I dated/dumped, so that made things interesting. Oh-and I had a guy walk up to me, stare me down and then bark like a dog-no kidding folks, I have friends who were with me to prove it. Perhaps he was smoking something, but it was just odd.
Anyway, back to my crazy shidduch-week.
Woman #4 called me to inform me that a shidduch she was working on for the past few months, finally became available again. Only now it's about 2 weeks before Pesach and things would get chaotic and the guy's family is going to Israel for Pesach so now after all this time, she's not even sure it's worth it for us to date if he'll be leaving in a week to be with his family. Talk about finally getting there and then...
At one of the Simchas I was at, a guy came over to me and started redding me a shidduch. I sorta knew him through mutual friends, but it just got awkward when a random couple appeared next to us. It seemed as though the couple was eavesdropping/staring. Then the guy introduced us and said-this is his parents, I just wanted to check with everyone first. OKAAAAYYY. So without me knowing I was being put on the spot, LITERALLY for a future guy's parents to check me out, but knowing nothing about the guy at all and without any say. I smiled, excused myself politely and met up with friends for a drink at the bar (ok, it was more like 3 drinks).
And to end off my insane week came lady #6. Lady #6 is an incredibly awesome woman. I got to know her recently and she is very kind, extremely sensitive (in terms of dating/confidential/what to ask/say, etc), and very sensible. She will call/email me with suggestions or names of shadchans to call but will never push.
Anyway lady#6 suggested I call a shadchan and provided me with her number. I called the Shadchan and we spoke at length but I was getting a really weird feeling about the whole thing. The Shadchan was like 'Ms. Trenchbull' style. I felt like an intimidated student with a barking teacher telling me off. Honestly, I never met the woman before and I know she was trying to help, but starting off the call by telling people off and instead of kindly offering advice-yelling it out-is NOT helpful. I was so intimidated that after 10 minutes, I put the phone on speaker. I was hoping someone would overhear the conversation and try and cut me off, but no, I was home alone, so it wasn't of use. In any case the Shadchan continued to tell me off, then mumbled something about sawyouatsinai, and then ended off the call by informing me that she's not really a Shadchan, only a communal person helping out in her spare time, etc. I thanked her profusely whilst silently promising never to call her again.
Oh, TGIF, love those Friday nights where I can get under the covers early and not have to deal with insane phonecalls/texts/emails. Then again, Shabbos Simchas & Shul sorta means I havta socialize, but I will do my best to have a LOT of Kavannah so that nothing can disturb me.

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