Monday, November 19, 2012

Tall=Good Looking

OK all you handsome young men out there, and all you TALL young men out there: PLEASE do NOT get offended by this post. In no way, am I referring to anyone specific....

Here's the deal, I'm a single bais yaakov girl, in the Shidduch parsha for quite a few years already. I'm looking to settle down with the right guy and get myself off the market. As a human being, yes, there are specific 'types' that I'm attracted to more than others. However, I will never say no to a guy if he doesn't fit in that box (unless, it is an extreme case=werewolves anyone?). If I think a guy is average looking, or I'm really not that into his look, I will not say no if everything else about him, as well as his info checks out. You see for me, it's personality that really attracts me, and as much as I want a cute/hot/goodlooking guy like the next girl, in the back of my mind I ain't expecting that. Models are for ads, actors are for TV and all other guys are for dreaming/wishing/hoping. I assume I'll marry an average or even-below average looking guy who will be the greatest, warmest, cutest, funniest, sweetest, honest, sincere, and nicest guy and his personality will win me over and yes, I will be attracted to him, but he will never be 'that picture of a guy' I have in mind. Therefore, out of fairness, I give everyone a chance.
I've been hearing that aLOT of guys just tick girls off the list. They can be skinny, pretty, goodlooking, attractive, but if she is not 'blond', or '5"4" or size 2 waist=check marks the 'not for me' box by the guy who it was suggested for.
At the same time-getting to the point of this post, most people think/assume that a tall guy=a good looking guy. True, sometimes it can be the case, but not always so. The last few guys that were suggested to me happened to have been tall. They also happened to have been described as 'tall and goodlooking. I am not that picky in terms of looks, but sheesh-disappointment is the nicest way to describe my feelings when the guy showed up at the door.
We're talking about large-larger than life. We're talking about a need of porcelain veneers, maybe a hair cut? maybe a shave? perhaps a facelift? I know it sounds sooo superficial, but like I said-always give the guy a chance. Yet, when you are repulsed to your stomach-it's sorta hard to.
So, all you out there-please be honest. Either way, we will go out with the guy and SEE him for ourselves, a little honesty would go a long way and perhaps save either the guy/girl if not both, a lot of disappointment & anguish.


  1. Most girls insist on going out with tall guys, that's why tall=good looking as far as shadchanim are concerned. And the way you describe guys, well (aside from the fact that not all guys are like that) many girls are like that too. Case in point, me. Due to my height, or rather lack thereof, most girls simply will not go out with me. (Its not even that they're necciserily taller than me, it's just that they insist on a tall guy.)

  2. The Shidduch Scene blog moderator said:

    “I assume I'll marry an average or even-below average looking guy who will be the greatest, warmest, cutest, funniest, sweetest, honest, sincere, and nicest guy...”

    Count the requirements listed in that statement:

    [1] greatest
    [2] warmest
    [3] cutest
    [4] funniest
    [5] sweetest
    [6] honest
    [7] sincere
    [8] nicest guy.