Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Reason for Being Single?

I was at my friend Huvi's house when her mother motioned for her to pick up the phone which was ringing. As I watched her and her mom walk away with the phone I couldn't help but wonder what was going on but knowing her, I figured it had something to do with a shidduch.
When Huvi came back half smirking she explained what happened. It seemed a shadchan called to redd her a shidduch but before she could give main specifics about the boy she gave his age (between 25-30), followed by: 'you wanna know the reason why he's still single and not married yet?'
Immediately Huvi stopped her to tell her she wasn't going to even ask why he was single. Why do people need a reason? It's all part of the 'master plan' and if that's not reason enough then the world has gone mad!



  2. Only G_d knows for sure why a specific person is still single.