Monday, November 5, 2012

Same Name? Different Game

So this guy goes to my dad in Shul and congratulates him. We've had this before-the 'kugel-bringers-overs', well-wishers, y'know, when there is somehow a mixup or someone saw me on a date and assumed something and then we get Mazel Tovs, etc.
My dad was confused and asked the reason for the congrats. The guy explained-a girl with the same name as me got engaged. 
We never heard of someone else with the same name as me, have no relatives with the same first/last name as me, and lucky for me-my name is soo uncommon that even, I can't believe someone else is out there with the same name. Yes, she lives in a different city, state, country. Yes-her status is/was different (apparently she was divorced). But hey, in the Shidduch game, there are 2 girls, both from out of town places, both with the same uncommon name, both with the 'single' status, so we can easily get mixed up.
Hence the congratulations.
Now a whole lotta puzzle pieces are started to fall into place, i.e. guys who said they've 'heard of/dated me' before but who I have no remembrance, or record of. 
Well, hopefully now I will be known as the only single girl with my name, or atleast no resemblance of the other girl and things will work out well.


  1. Who are you kidding? My next door neighbors first name is SOTS!

  2. Is G_d trying to send you a message?
    If so, then what is His message?