Sunday, June 3, 2012

the BIG resume Mistake

I did it! I can't believe I actually did it. Especially me, the  über -careful, ultra-machmir resume-sending girl.
Life kicks us in the butt sometimes, and I guess this is one of those times. Y'see, each time someone requests that I email them my shidduch resume and/or photo, I carefully write down their email address, and then read it back to them. Kinda like those technical calls where the operator dictates the reference ID (spelling out the letters, e.g. "Sarah Kite Iowa 3 7 Xylophone 4"). After I repeat their email address, I send a test email, verifying that indeed, it is the correct email address for that person and once I have confirmation that it is the right address, I then go ahead and email my info. 
A few of my friends had experience with just emailing their resumes direct and either having mail delivery errors, or realizing they were one letter, underscore, or period short and that it was sent to the wrong person. Of course, I went on lecturing how you have to be careful, etc. and suggested to use my strategy to avoid this ever happening to them again.
But folks, there must be a reason I messed up, because like I said, I'm utterly extra cautious when sending my information via email, and always ensure to test the email address first. Which is why I was shocked when I woke up in a panic at like 1:30am this past week. I was almost certain I had made a mistake with my resume but I couldn't figure out where I went wrong, I just had this really bad feeling. So first thing when I woke up, I checked my sent items and realized I sent my information without any test first and even worse: I realized it was totally the wrong address! Even more painful, when I didn't see any 'mail delivery error', meaning it actually went to someone ELSE who has that email address registered!!! I won't lie I was a bit freaked out, but it was too late to do anything. 
So, warning to all you single folk out there-don't make the resume mistake=double check your email addresses carefully before sending all your personal info to cyberspace.


  1. :-) Kind of reminds me of the anonymous email I received around three months after I started blogging. The email was to my blog email address, had no subject line of content, all it had was a shidduch resume attached...

    1. Maybe that was on purpose and not a mistake? lol

  2. I would say, don't worry about. It is some random person, who doesn't know you, and most likely deleted it, since they didn't know who it was.

  3. I agree with Wondering Minds - I mistakenly tried emailing a friend of mine about shidduchim several times, before realizing his address had an additional letter for his first name. After 3 emails and realizing the mistake, I have not heard anything back from that other mysterious person in the 6-months since then.

  4. Hey maybe God wanted you to do this bec this is the way your zivug will come about...

  5. This could potentially make a great story...or a very scary one lol. I'm hoping for the first option!