Friday, May 25, 2012

Comments from the Wrong kinda guy...

I had a really weird week and by weird, I mean really weird.
For starters, now that summer has arrived (we hope) and the sun is out as well as the warm weather, I'm taking advantage of my summer wardrobe which...wait for this...actually includes COLORS! Yay, the black & white and dark greys can hide in the dark basement whilst I proudly get to wear all my colorful summers. And the shoes! Let's just say I got a whole lotta them summer shoes, including these. I'm not sure if it was my attire, or the air, but I got some weird comments, which I assume were meant as compliments this week, and here are just but a few...
The custodian at my office came to me and said 'SOS, if I wasn't married, there would be trouble.....I would have no problem converting and becoming a Jew for you.....It's a good thing I have a wife...'
sidenote: he ain't the kinda kind I wanna be hearing that from. (a) he's married (b) he ain't even Jewish (c) in the looks department, I wouldn't even consider hi average (d) just ain't my AT ALL,
But I'm guessing he was trying to give me a compliment (or he's just a guy...)

Another time this week, I was walking in my area and a family friend passes by. He's a middle-aged guy and we grew up together, as in, we had family parties, get togethers, I was in school with their kids, etc. I haven't seem them in a while as their kids all got married and we sorta don't see each other as much anymore. In any case, he passes me by, smiles and says 'SOS, lookin good!' I had no idea how to take that. Perhaps it was a compliment, but it just seemed weird, coming from him.

And for one last weird comment-I was wearing one of my summer wedges, when this woman started telling me how gorgeous they were. Then 3 of her friends with her (yes, I know them all-they go to my Shul) start asking me 20 questions about the shoe-if its comfortable (duh!), how high it was (5 inch wedge?), etc. Then she looks at me and says 'you should wear THOSE on a date'. As if I need her advice? Firstly, at this stage, I've been dating for what seems like forever, and I know to wear heels/wedges/hot shoes on dates. It was just like--plain out weird!

so, my fellow single friends-do I not know how to take a compliment when I receive one, or are the above comments just seriously weird-put in their own context?


  1. sounds really weird to me!!!

  2. I get compliments all the time,e specially about my hair cause it's short and different. You kind of learn to sort out the sincere ones from the flirting ones and the gross ones and then you respond appropriately: snob or answer or thank you or nod....

  3. The custodian said:

    "I would have no problem converting and becoming a Jew for you."


    Our great Rabbis severely frowned on people who convert to Judaism because they want to marry a Jew or gain monetary wealth.

    A short list of Torah quick quotes about this topic are listed on the front page of this web site:

  4. Lol! my opinion (I usually solve unclear social situations with % stats): 1. What the custodian said isn't that weird. Unless he compliments you frequently, there's an 75% chance he is just trying to be nice (albeit is a guyish sort of way) and a 25% chance he's actually hitting on you. 2. There's a 20% chance your old freind is acting weird/being desperate and an 80% chance you actually look good. 3. The old ladies are being old ladies, I wouldn't worry about it if I was you. All said there's a 95% chance you look good and a 5% chance stuff is weird. Go you!