Monday, August 23, 2010

Response to 'Revolving Doors Rule'

Whilst speaking with my friend, Suri the other day she mentioned that she had a date last week and on the date, they were walking into a hotel lobby. There were 2 doors at each side and 2 revolving doors at the middle entrance. Whilst she prayed that they would enter through the regular side doors, the guy walked straight to the revolving doors, walked into one of the 'sectionals' and then turned around.
Suddenly, Suri didn't know what protocol was for these type of doors. Even though she's been on loads of dates, she couldn't remember where she was faced with a situation like this. The guy was waiting, so she quickly hurried in after him and went into the same 'sectional'. Whilst telling over this story, Suri was cracking up at how 'claustraphobic' she suddenly became and how careful she was, making quick small steps and trying to keep whatever distance she could behind the guy.

When their date was over, again she prayed he would take a side door, but he went back to the revolving door and held the sectional for her asking, 'are you hopping in?' which left her with no choice but to join him.

A few friends in the room agreed they woudl've done the same thing and went into the same sectional as the guy, whilst others laughed it off and were like 'no way!' and 'why share' and 'there's no room'.

I told Suri I would post this here-even though her date is over-just to get comments and hopefully give her some kinda answer for (if there is a ?) next time-if a revolving door comes into play.

I, personally, don't know what I would've done, but I guess if you're put on the spot.....

Is there really a rule about revolving doors?


  1. Go in the nxt sectional for sure not nuf room in one or I'd go ahead first into the regular doors

  2. Back when we were dating with my wife we would always use separate sections of the revolving door, except maybe for huge doors at the airports (similar to the ones you see at the hospitals).

  3. My feeling would be to judge by the size of the sectional and one's own comfort level.

    Why does everything nowadays have to have a "rule"?

  4. It's two people enclosed within a see-through pane of glass for 5 seconds. They were probably just as close in the drive over. I don't think that warrants overthinking.

  5. This is a joke, right?