Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Boy's Mama busts a Move

I know the title sounds like some kinda comedy movie title, but I just thought it would be perfect for the story I just heard.
As a disclaimer: This was heard from a reliable person, but it is only second hand information, so details may not be exact.

This story is about a boy's mother...
who also happens to be a 'shadchan'...and is known as such...
her son's a great guy-a real catch-unbelievable masmid, etc. (as his mother claims he is)
The girl who told me this story knows this woman, for this story-let's name her Mrs. Mama. So, this girl knows Mrs. Mama, as her mother is friends with Mrs. Mama and they go back a long time. A few weeks back, Mrs. Mama called her mother like 20 times a day. Her mother wasn't home the first few times, so Mrs. Mama called every family member of that girl's mother and tracked down her mother's cellnumber. Again, the mother's cellphone wasn't working so she kept badgering the family. Eventually, the girl's mother got through to Mrs. Mama and asked Mrs. Mama if everything was ok, as she heard she called numerous times, dialed every family member and left messages sounding quite urgent.
Mrs. Mama said everything was ok, but she was calling because someone mentioned a girl for her son, her son who is single and amazing and great, etc. and she knows that this woman knows the girl who was redd, very well.
Indeed, the girl's mother knew this single girl well and gave her all the information she knew, as well as references, etc.
This went on for a few days-all the back and forth, etc.
Then, the girl's mother didn't hear back from Mrs. Mama at all for weeks.
The girl's mother decided to give Mrs. Mama a call and find out if everything was ok or if she still needed information and at the same time, to catch up on old times, like they used to call each other every few months.
Mrs. Mama was surprised the girl's mother called, AND she surprised the girl's mother by stating that the girl redd for her son is infact a beautiful, welldressed, thin, put together girl.
The girl's mother asked how Mrs. Mama knew-she sounded as if she had seen her.
Mrs. Mama said she DID see her.
The girl's mother, knowing there was no connection and no way Mrs. Mama could've seen the girl other than in a photo, asked Mrs. Mama how she saw this girl.
Mrs. Mama said 'simple. I'm a Shadchan and people know I'm a Shadchan so I get all kinds of calls, emails and people coming to see me. I had set this girl up once before and it didn't work out, in the interim she had come to see me, so I saw for myself and I think she's perfect for my son.'
Now, personally-I think that takes guts! Can you imagine going to see a Shadchan and only finding out afterwards, she wants you for her son?! I guess it depends on the Shadchan-it can be a compliment or an insult.
And finding out the REAL reason why the 'shadchan' aka boy's mama wanted to meet you in person?!
I give Mrs. Mama credit, but I don't know if I would want to be in that girl's shoes!

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  1. My friends mother is a shadchan and I think she has made 2 successful for her son and one for her daughter :-). Still probably uncomfortable for the girl in your story but you never know where your guy will come from!