Wednesday, December 2, 2009

"The Answer" to "reading between the lines"

Following my blog entry on reading between the lines, I decided to just throw in the towel and go for it. Well, honestly, I actually wasn't at all interested, especially with what the references told me and how he was described, but I had a free ride to the Big Apple-so free ride=throwing in the towel, or as the Frummies say 'doing my hishtadlus'.
Went out with 'said guy' and lemme tell you-the minute he walked in the door, I knew, knew, KNEW it was totally, 100%, without a doubt NOT SHAYACH! Aside from the 'women's intuition' or just believing what the references said, or purposely did NOT say, I just 'had this feeling' that it wasn't going to be at all what I was looking for, but then I sorta talked myself into the 'you neva know' theory. and just for all of you who are reading this, rolling your eyes, and thinking-wow she is sooo negative, or she shouldn't have gone with that attitude-GET THIS: I even brought 2 dating outfits and set aside 2 days for dating. So I was positive (not the HIV kind...). I thought, maybe, just maybe, this time I'll be proven wrong.
So, folks, to answer my question-READ BETWEEN THE LINES! Most people will not say the ugly truth or the honest straight out stuff. Either ask the most obvious questinos-even if you sound stupid doing so, or READ between the lines!


  1. Mammelah shainz, we have all (at least I think all) have been there. Sometimes one is able to say no.

    Sometimes one gets stuck with a sociopathic shadchan who refuses to tell you her name and somehow intimates suicide if a no is said, and, well, there you are stuck in a car praying that no silent creepy roads are driven down.

    Sometimes the shadchan flat out lies. No way to read behind the lines then.

    There's always ShidduchVision . . .

  2. Data-TELL ME ABOUT IT! I don't believe ANYONE anymore! AND ShidduchVision is still in the 'new stages', meaning they don't got a studio with their fancy webcam stuff in MY hometown :(

  3. One can always hope for the Frog Prince.