Thursday, December 17, 2009

What do you say??

Yesterday I received a phonecall from an out-of-town lady, who calls herself a Shadchan. Apparently, she wanted to know information about a family who lives in the same city as me and she was told I might know them. Now, I DO know OF the family, but I don't know the kids that well, and there are both boys and girls in the Shidduch parsha. The only info which I did know about the family is that there were some 'issues', yet, because I don't know them so well, I don't know what these 'issues' in fact were. To my luck, as this lady was introducing herself to me and asking me about this family, a friend of mine happened to pass by. I quickly put my hand over the receiver and asked the friend if they know of the family, when they nodded, I quickly handed over the phone, letting out a sigh of relief.
During the phone call the Shadchan asked 3 MAIN questions and you can tell the other questions after that, were just cuz she probably felt stupid and had to make it look like she cared about the others. Here's what her three questions were:
1. Do they have money? cuz I heard they do.
2. Are the girls pretty?
3. How tall are they?
So, like I said, B"H my friend happened to be, for MY sake, at the right place and at the right time and I gladly handed over the phone. After informing the shadchan that no, they do not have money and not knowing how tall they were exactly and not knowing the girl themself so well, the other 'blablabla' questions were answered and they both hung up.
The friend then looked at me quizzically and said "I don't know what to say? There are some issues, but she didn't ask that and each question and answer is a Shaila in itself. At the same time the mother of the girl in question is a very picky person. She makes fun of everyone else with issues, yet she doesn't see that her family has the same issues. (sigh) It's a tough call to make. But gladly, I think after she heard they don't have money, she wasn't interested anymore.'
Two thoughts crossed my mind.
a) I really have to ask many more questions and many more SPECIFIC questions, as even the closest friends, relatives and or references might not offer me information such as any kind of 'issues' which a boy might have. However, if you ask specifically, they might answer or they might hesitate to answer, which is an answer in itself.
b) It's so sick what this world is coming to. If someone isn't swimming in dough (and I don't mean Chanuka donut dough), and or tall and beautiful, then they just get dropped back into the pile of singles.
This post alone is making me so upset that I could use a donut or two, and hopefully the sugar and fat will put me in a better mood!

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  1. I would've probably said that I don't know them well enough to answer any questions because this is like playing with someone else's fire - you say something wrong and something important doesn't happen because of you