Saturday, December 26, 2009

More than the Average 4-1-1

Gut Voch, or Happy Day-After Xmas!
I got a call Friday from a lady (one of the many) who asked me to email my 'shidduch resume' to. Seems she got the email and she even has a young gentleman in mind for me, however, she said, she needs more ifo.
I'm thinkin "Is this woman nuts?" My full name, in Hebrew and English is listed, as well as the names of my parents, my age, my date of birth, schools I attended, degrees I have, etc. I gave her the 'Coles Notes' version of myself, let alone a description of the kinda guy I'm lookin for..."
So, I was quite annoyed, angered, and honestly p*ssed, when instead of emailing me back to inform me that she got my email and would require more info, she called my house and spoke to my parents to tell them this. OK, calm down, calm down.
I nicely and calmly explain to them that the woman is PSYCHO, cuz the specific info that she told my parents I didn't send, was INCLUDED in my so-called 'resume'.
ok, so now, it's Motzei Shabbos, I'm calm enough to email her, but I'm thinkin I should give this woman a run for her money. She wants info-I'll give her info!
Let's start with my birthmarks, I'll tell her how many I have and where they are located.
Then I will include my skirt size, my busy size, heck! might as well give her my bra size.
I'll give her the last few reports from the pharmacy so she can know what medication I took and for what kinda infections.
Then, I'll give her my average weight and my body mass index so she can figure out were I rate in my age group, gender and weight.
Let's see....hmmm..what else can I provide this lady with???
ok, I know this is the 'negative/annoyed' side of me speaking, but honesty! when she says she wants more info-what the heck more does she really want?!
anyone have a clue?


  1. Why wouldn't she just meet with you and get all info with just one look?
    Anyway don't send her bra size - you never know where this info may appear...

  2. Mammeleh, mammeleh . . .

    I try to tell myself that these mishigineh women, who have been provided validity in this thing that I will gingerly refer to as "crisis," are so happy to drag out pointless conversations and make a somebody of themselves for two minutes.

    Remember: you're the sane one! Politely provide the information she requested, unless it is of a delicate nature, and so you may refrain from doing so.

    That happened to me once. And the shadchan didn't even have anyone specific in mind --- she just wanted my info. I kinda blew her off.

  3. Rema comment on Shulchan Aruch, chelek Orach Chayim, siman 38, sif 3:
    Even if the women want to be strict on themselves [by wearing tefillin],
    it should be strongly discouraged (based on Kol Bo).
    הגה - ואם הנשים רוצין להחמיר על עצמן, מוחין בידם (כל בו)