Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Dating Game

More and more often, I keep hearing about couples playing 'games' on dates to sorta break the ice. Only once, was I fortunate enough to have a guy offer to play a game with me...years back, when there was literally nothing else left to talk about on a date which just happened to be right near ToysRus Times Square. So for me, it was a great outer, where we killed 1/2 hour walking, choosing and going back to the hotel lobby. Although I havta admit it was weird playing a travel game such as 'guess who' with a guy who was hard to make conversation with.
Enter the new era of dating. Over Shabbos, I heard a shadchan talking about a game called the 'ungame' which she recommended her set-ups play when deep into the shidduch scene and trying to decide if they should continue or end it. She claimed it has great though-provoking questions and really helps couples see the other's opinion, etc.
And, to make things weirder, as I was writing this post, I just found out about this game called "Perfect Matches". Haven't spoken yet to anyone who played the game or even heard about it.
Have any of you, my fellow readers played it before? What do you think?


  1. Games are great, but a relaxed setting is even better. Most people tend to do a "stuffy" date first, and then move to a fun date. I've always done the opposite. You can break the ice and get comfortable with each other a lot easier in a bowling alley or an arcade place than in a hotel lobby. By the time the second date comes around, you already both feel comfortable with each other, and can do a more formal date to actually talk about things.

  2. What if you get asked a question you don't want to answer just yet? I don't like being dictated to, especially on a date. It's complicated enough without bringing in cards and dice. Also, in the cosmic scheme of things, does it really matter how many hours I wait after fleishig, or if I like milchig more than fleishig? I want to have deeper conversations than that.