Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Guys vs Girls

When a guy says 'no' to a Shidduch suggestion-it's a fait au complet. 
When a girl says 'no' to a Shidduch suggestion, she needs to provide 3 valid reasons, acceptable to the shadchan along with names and numbers of people she spoke with and how exactly she came to her conclusion. 

When a guy has to date it's an 'oy; he has to pay for a car, pay for gas/travel, pay for parking, and still has to pay for a drink/meal/activity. 
When a girl goes on a date, no one takes into account that she just might be the driver, or might have just the right amount of cash (he only has credit card on him and of course the place she's at doesn't take credit card) and might be the one who spent money on airfare, bus fare and travel time. 

When a guy takes a month to look into a girl, that's ok. 
When a girl gets a name and its 2 days later, she gets calls from the shadchan asking why it's taking so long to get back to the guy with an answer. 

When a guy asks for a photo, he gets one. 
When a girl asks for a photo, she gets a raised eyebrow, and the look

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  1. I had a girl reject me on one of the dating sites yesterday...oh well. My statistics of mutual acceptance (or acceptance at all) is under 1%.

    I've been hounded before when taking more than a day or two to respond to someone...I think it all depends on the Shadchin?

    I always give a photo when asked, because what exactly are you trying to hide? She's gonna have to see you on the date, right? Plus, if #2 is correct, and he is paying for it all....why would he pay without showing who he is first? Maybe she's repulsed by his looks, and now he's paying for nothing....