Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Dress for the Occasion

There's this ongoing debate amongst my siblings. As each one of us is so different, so too are our opinions on the matter. The matter which is boys letting girls know what 'type' of date they will be taking them on, eg coffee×–, lounge, dinner or a stroll on the boardwalk. Downtown hotel, botanical gardens or the city zoo. 
You see, as a girl there are many different factors to keep into account. Our main concern is looking good and in order to look our best we have to dress to the occasion. Without knowing where we are headed, what type of venue, walking or sitting, outdoor or indoor, we may end up looking terrible. Case in point, freshly blowdried hair, straight skirt and fancy blouse. Guy takes her to outdoor botanical tropical garden. The tropics make her hair frizz and turn into an Afro. Her feet, due to the humidity, swell in her heels, which are anyway hard to walk in as the gravel on the path is throwing small rocks into her shoes and the grass is muddy and swamped. Needless to say her blouse is half stuck to her from the sweaty air. Doubt she looks that attractive anymore. 
Or say she gets all dressed up for a formal first date, only to have the guy show up in casual wear and take her to baskin Robbins. Who looks rediculous now with a straight skirt, heels and suit jacket eating ice cream with her pink spoon?
So all I'm asking on behalf of us girls if that if you, as a guy, will be in touch with either the girl herself, or the shadchan, atleast if you are not sure of where you are headed but have some choices-inform the girl of what you have in mind so she can be comfortable in her dress/shoes as well as feel comfortable in the setting.
Trust me when i say you will both enjoy the date more if you are comfortable. 
Been there. Done that. 


  1. OMG just ASK the guy what kind of date it will be. What is with all these girls complaining about this, be an adult and just ASK. SMH.

  2. I happen to completely disagree with Anonymous.

    It's the guy's responsibility to have some brains and let the girls know what sort of date they're going on. If there might be some walking, let her know. If there is minimal walking, let her know. I don't understand why a guy wouldn't let the girl know what sort of date it is. *mind boggling*