Friday, October 31, 2014

Misleading Photos

When you think of the term 'mislead' in reference to Shidduchim, what comes to mind is someone giving you false information about a potential single. Be it a total mistruth, a little white lie, an exaggeration or hesitancy, they manage to make you think someone totally different than you were originally presented. 
This post is about misleading photos. You see, I'm beginning to notice this new trend with the emailing of photos. The last few guys I went out with, i happened to have been sent their photos along with their resume. I also happened to be really confused when those last few guys each showed up looking NOTHING at ALL than photo which was provided. One photo was 10-12 years old (think summer camp), so when the guy showed up looking like George burns-imagine my surprise. The other was a photo of an average looking tall guy but the guy who showed up looked like an overweight quarterback without hair! The third photo which I was sent with resume was ok. The info looked good and one last inquiry about the guy delivered the final blow. Turns out the person I called dated him years back. He had that same photo then with his resume, which dates back to the 90s. Yet I'm told he looks nothing like the photo he sends. 
So when I think of being 'mislead' in Shidduchim, I now worry about the actual guy. Misleading me and being dishonest by sending a photo that looks nothing like the guy who will show up my door!

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  1. Looked at FB lately? Some guys' profile pictures are five years old, and if the privacy settings aren't locked down you can tell. I get terrorized if my profile photo is a year old, that I'm not being accurate. Huh.

    What they don't seem to grasp (like writing on their profile that they are 6 feet tall but the top of his head reaches my chin) is that a girl begins to wonder: What else has he lied about? What will he say just to get this date to go further? Is his name really his name, his job really his job, his siblings really his siblings?

    They think it's just a little white lie to get things going, but the end is the same: You are the weakest link, goodbye.