Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Father on Marrying off his Daughter


  1. Haha. Older brothers are just as possessive. When my lil sister gets engaged, my plan is to take the dude aside, and just give him the heads up that I'm well trained in Krav Maga, and he better watch himself. I'd next take him to the shooting range. Be like " you see? I can hit a target the size of a dime from 50 yards. U ever mess around with my sister you're dead". Then smile and take him out for lunch :-)

  2. Prof-can I seriously adopt you as my brother??

    1. Haha. Sure. Just keep in mind that being an adoptive sister comes with responsibilities. You may be tapped to schlep 2 hours with me to a civil war reenactment on a Sunday, or asked to participate in other such exciting events. If that doesnt scare you off, you can submit a formal request via email :-)