Tuesday, December 2, 2014

When it's a NO-GO...

There are times when, within the first few minutes that a guy shows up, you just know it's not gonna go any further. Be it for his looks, personality, attire, Middos, etc. sometimes it's just that obvious. 
As a girl, I'm proud that I've been brought up to be polite and sit out the entire date until the guy drops me off and then say thank you.
However, as a girl, I've also experienced the other side of the coin, when the guy clearly knew it wasn't shayach for him and made it quite clear by the way the entire date went. Just a few examples listed below will clearly show you how one shouldn't be treated, even when you know there's nothing to talk about. It can never hurt to be a mentsch and treat someone like a mentsch.
Once I traveled in for a date. The guy had rave reviews about him and we were due to go out for a lunch date. He showed up, was checking his phone the entire date, went to a restaurant where I was ignored as if I was a piece of furniture and he checked his phone and then 40 minutes later, he dropped me off. How did I feel? I would've rather stayed home in pjs, had a tub of ice cream and made myself a sandwich, eating it alone, rather than be someone's lunch company.

A separate time, I went out with a guy, who was also praised to the utmost on going out of his way to help others. The guy picked me up, complained the whole car ride about the place he was taking me (even though this clearly, was the place of his choice), didn't ask me anything most the date, shuffled around and looked like he was ADD. On the way home he decided he was hungry, so he double-parked, asked me to stay in the car in case a cop came (allowing me to move his car if need be), left me sitting there at night for a good 10 minutes, only to come back with a nosh for himself. Umm, hello!?!?! I'm here too! Then he ate it, offered me a piece of candybar (AS IF!) and dropped me home.

Point being, sometimes you just know there's nothing to talk about, but for some reason, you were meant to meet and it wouldn't hurt anyone to just be polite.


  1. I gotta ask the obvious: "Looked like he was ADD"......and what if he was? Is that a horrible disease these days?

    But yeah, both those dates are pretty disastrous...and a complete waste of time.

  2. Happened to me, too. They just stop trying to be charming, and sometimes out-and-out insult you. Well, you JERK, I certainly won't be suggesting you to anyone else I know. Seriously, is it so freakin' hard to be nice for another hour?