Sunday, December 28, 2014

Travel excuses

Don't you just hate it when both the guy gives a yes and you give a yes and everything is set to finally schedule a date, however travel technicalities creep up?
Story of my life. Usually, being the girl, I'm the one doing the traveling. Actually to be fair, lotsa times the guys have come here for a first date. Yes, the "actual WORKING" guys. The doctors, lawyers, business owners, etc. But every so often, things come up and one party is nut able to travel, leaving up to three more flexible party to do the traveling. 
Lately, I've dated guys who have come up with the oddest excuses for not being able to travel, and I felt compelled to share these excuses with you, my dear readers. If you have any additional creative excuses, feel free to add it in the comments below. 
10. Can't find a flight, they're all's booked. 
9. Has a wedding, bar mitzvah, family simcha, exam, meeting. 
8. Has his passport stolen. 
7. Can't travel as he just took off (for vacation with his buddies for 2 weeks in Vegas). 
6. His Rabbi told him it's bitul zman if he takes off. 
5. Even though he works in an online company, apparently there's no internet access anywhere else in the world, other then his place. 
4. He can't leave his roommate, who is in a terrible state after just having broken off a shidduch. 
3. He doesn't feel comfortable going to places he's not familiar with. 
2. He's on the watchlist. 
1. He gets carsick, and airsick (apparently that exists)


  1. Heh. I'm always driven crazy that I need to travel. I finally put my foot down and said it aint happening. Someone who dates me obviously wants to date a "working" guy. While I can do a lot of my work remotely, its not exactly ideal. Therefore, for "round one" the girl has to travel to me. Subsequent rounds Im willing to comp her travel, because thats only mentshlach. But I aint using vacation days or making my work harder to fly to date. Sorry.

    Thats item #1 of my dating rules. No traveling. Number 2 is a prenup needs to be signed, and # 3 that if she has any debt she should expect to get her own job to pay it off. I dont have to cover someone's poor choices. Il pay for all their living expenses as any normal spouse would, but they can pay off their own credit card debt.

    1. #1 I can agree with you

      #2 is a very smart move overall when marrying someone

      #3 is stupid. If you are marrying someone, you should be marrying them for their attributes and flaws. Debt falls into a flaw, and isn't necessarily a "poor choice", it could've been college...I'm pretty sure that if she is now a Dr. and paying off her loans, and needs a little help with it now, you wouldn't be expecting to keep the accounts separate...especially if within a few years she'll be making more than you, and not want to share the money back.

    2. I dont agree. If she has debt, she can pay it off herself. I have no problem providing for her regular needs, but I dont have to pay off her previous debt. The Dr example is a great one. If she got into debt from that, she can now work to pay it off. I ain't gonna put money towards that.

    3. Sounds like logical reasoning.
      I'd bring that up on a first date so that she knows where you stand...and so that she can run away.

      You're creating a divide between you and her that is completely un-"relationship"-y.

      When you enter a union, you promise to take each other: "for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish; from this day forward until death do us part."

      I'm pretty sure you stand for everything against a healthy marriage.

      If you don't put money to what your spouse needs, not what you determine to be "normal" but for what actually defines a person, then I hope when you're pooping your pants in your late 90s, she doesn't pay you back with her handsome retirement money.

  2. Oh, snap. "He's on the watchlist"!?!

    I actually get very airsick, but certainly wouldn't use that as an excuse not to meet someone.

    But, I must say, I had one Skype date with a guy who refused to fly in for the first meeting, and it was great, because I knew it was not shayach already in the first few minutes, and if he had flown in I would have felt terribly obligated. Heck, I want my local first dates to be Skype dates, safe in the comfort of my home, close to my bed, not wondering if I'm going to starve tonight, and I can wear pajama pants!

    But that list is so very, very lame. At least you know from the Vegas guy that he's not for you. Who advertizes that he spent TWO WEEKS In VEGAS?