Thursday, December 11, 2014

Switching Roles

After reading Frumanista's post about guys ending dates a bit too late, it sorta got me thinking. I remember that a guy once came in to date me. He didn't have a car and didn't know anyone in the city. Nor did he plan on renting one. I mentioned to him that I can borrow my mom's car if need be and he shouldn't worry about finding a car and he just seemed pleased. 
When he arrived I asked if he prefer me to drive or if he was comfortable driving in a strange city. He suggested I be the driver. 
I must admit it was strange. The entire time I was thinking: do i open th car door for him? Do I ask if the air/heat in the car is ok? What about music?
Suddenly it dawned on me what guys must go through and/or think. Thre is so much thought or perhaps I we just overthinking things cuz I'm a woman?
Again, when we went out (my choice of place as it was my city) I kept thinking-do I end the date or wait for him? Since I have the car keys does it make me the guy in the relationship tonight? From the driving to finding the place to choosing the dating activity it was aLOT of thinking, planning and decision making. Mostly it was weird as I had to drop him off at his place of stay and drive myself home. My luck was I knew it wasn't for me so I cut it short when I pulled up to the place and told him I had to get home and drove myself. 
The best part-not having to be walked to the door and waiting/chatting at the door with someone I wasn't interested in. 
So guys, I feel for you. It must be hard trying to read us complicated girls and figure us out and then decide how to move on from there. 
The date really taught me a lot and put the whole thing in perspective. 

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  1. You have seen the other side! Shiver. But I must say, some guys have to come up with a better "let's go back now" line other than "Let's get out of here," complete with sneer. Is that really necessary? When did "Shall we . . . ?" fall out of favor?