Sunday, December 7, 2014

Age isn't something to tamper with

So my friend Mimi called me the other night to tell me about a shidduch. She met the guy at a wedding last week and he seemed really nice. She asked if I ever heard about him and went on to describe him, after I let her know I never heard his name before. 
When I asked how old he was she gave me an age that was a bit higher than the age range I'm comfortable with, but if all other information seemed suitable, then it would be something I would overlook. Mimi told me she would send him my info and get back to me. 
In the interim I took the liberty to do a quick google search. Only to have it confirmed that he is atleast 2-6 years OLDER than he told her. 
So, who to trust now? Why lie about age when it's something I will find out about anyway?


  1. Yeah, you gotta be honest about age.
    I went on a date recently, where ages weren't brought up until we were on the date itself, and the 5+ year difference didn't bother either side (as I could tell from conversations that happened later on...I hope).
    You can't stretch that number though, because it's gonna come out at some point!

  2. I now have to tell shadchanim that the guys are lying about their ages. They thought it was a girl thing.

    "What if he is a young-looking 39?"

    a) "39," my foot.

    b) 39 is 39. I don't care if he's an old-looking 34, as long as he's 34!