Sunday, January 26, 2014

Meet the Family

These last few nights I've been quite busy. My friend Ruchie told me about this show she watches called "Meet the Family" and it sounded totally up my alley. I looked it up and after a few minutes of research found a way to view some of the episodes.
Personally, I'm a bit jealous-I mean this is something I would sooo love to do to my future husband. You see, the show is a reality type show where the boyfriend brings his girlfriend to meet his family for the first time. He has 3 hours to try and 'scare' her away through his family and if she stays the three hours then they admit it's a prank and the couple win a vacation. The family acts nuts and does terrible and scary things to the point where it's quite humorous but inSANE. 
The reason I would love to be able to play this sorta prank on my future hubby (where is he??) is so that I can see how he would react in different and extreme situations. See if he's polite, calm, and what he's thinking (hidden cameras) throughout these ordeals. Also the prank families are so insane they would make any guy LOVE my family. 
Lastly someone who goes through a nutty 3 hours like that and survives means he can survive anything. 
So will I get my whole zany family together to scare away my future fiancĂ©e? Nopes-we tried that with my sis-in-law and she stayed. 
But I suggest you all watch an episode of 'meet the family' 

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