Sunday, January 19, 2014

At What Age?

This topic has come up numerous times in previous posts and even more so in my shidduch life. I figured I'd just take a poll on this blog to ask y'all the famous question: 
"At what age do you think boys should take charge of their own  shidduchim, and not let their moms pull the strings?"
(This includes but is not limited to: receiving profiles, deciding on their own how and if they want to proceed, dealing with the shadchan directly themselves, etc.)

Post your replies as comments below. 


  1. At the same time they decide to get a further education and a real job.

  2. I don't think of it as a mandatory-age thing. Additionally, not all mothers are the loopy "I want only the best for my mediocre tattalah sheinz" type.

    If a guy is serious about getting married, he'll be involved in the process, even if his mother does the heavy lifting. If he's not, he'll be happy to let her do everything, and won't bring his best on a date, either.