Thursday, January 2, 2014

Dating for Dinner?

This just took the 'Dinner Date' to a whole new level.

I just read this article on Perez Hilton about this single girl who is so desperate to eat in the most high end restaurants that she will date guys just so that they take her to those restaurants and pay her bill.
The sad part-apparently some guys have caught on....and agreed to go out with her anyway. I can't believe how selfish that is, I mean how incredibly selfish, not to mention d-e-s-p-e-r-a-t-e this girl is. If you can't afford it-then just don't go there. Maybe split dinner amongst friends, or even go out once a month (rosh chodesh dinner anyone?). But no, she is not even embarrassed that she does this. I've seen an article about this 2 months back, but thought it was a personal idea of hers in order to start and upkeep her blog but now that I've read online that they're even making a reality show, than I know it's true.

And here I feel all guilty when my date shows up at the door and I just know it is NOT gonna happen between us, yet we go out to eat/park/hotel lounge and he has to pay...oish the guilt just eats at me. So mush so that sometimes I'll even offer to pay/chip in when he reaches for his wallet. 

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