Thursday, November 14, 2013

What REALLY Counts in a Guy

I've recently discovered a show on TLC called 'Hidden Princes', which is a reality show based on the Princes, Lords, and other Royal members who are not so famous. These Princes are looking for love and not to be wed by prearranged marriages or for honor or money. The show brings them to North America and sets them up in an apartment, with a job, so they can get used to living a simple lifestyle and then they set them up with regular girls. At the end of the date, they reveal who they really are. This way the girl, without knowing who the guy really is, can base her decision no the actual GUY and not his title.

Here's what I like about this-Lord Rob has a realistic view on life, and in such, describes perfectly what defines a good guy:

too bad he ain't Jewish :(

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