Wednesday, November 27, 2013

How Rumors Start...

So, this is how rumours start....
Yup, one guy/girl sees another guy/girl they know on a date and "assume" that because that person was seen in a 'common' place, or SEEN altogether, then that person is getting engaged.
I've heard it loads of times. In fact, I remember years back, going to eat out with friends at a new restaurant in town. It was at the end of the summer and the restaurant was a european type-ambience with outdoor seating. The weather was nice and we got seated outside. A few moments later, we noticed a younger girl walk in with a guy, clearly on a date. The restaurant was quite small, so we remained seated outdoors whilst they went inside. I continued my meal with my friends, our backs turned away from the indoors so that the girl wouldn't be embarrassed (especially as she was freshly dating then). One of the girls I was with was convinced that girl was getting engaged because it was 'obvious' that since she was out with a guy, in a suit, on a date, when it was still light outside (9pm), and in a new restaurant, where there were bound to be people, in our small town....I told her she was flat out nuts, and perhaps, as most dates go-the guy came in for her, was hungry, wanted to eat out, the weather was nice and they chose this place for whatever reason. Turns out-I was right-they never got engaged (to each other).
Anyway-that's just one point.
Then there's the phone call "someone is getting engaged tonight....I can't tell you who, but you know them VERY well...' which is also telling a lot, without saying names. big woop-have the time those aren't true.
Lastly, are the people who SEE people on dates or HEARD they were set up without knowing anything else other than hearsay, and deciding that the guy/girl is 'seriously' seeing someone and it's 'unofficial" (but they were privileged to know this information).
Or my personal favourite, just happened a few days ago. Someone tries to reach you, calls you at home, there is no answer. They then proceed to call your cell, you don't pick up. They can't understand why you wouldn't be home (or you just choose not to answer their call) AND not be picking up your cell phone (it IS a cellphone after all), so you MUST be "busy". I had this numerous times, but just a few days back, when I called the number that showed up as a missed call on my cell, and left a voicemail at my home, the woman asked how my night out was. That folks, is what I call CHUTZPAH. 
Nosypokers-rumor starters, why can't people just mind their own business?

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