Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Build A Bear, Design a Dude

Happy New Year everyone! I must say heading out to work today was indeed a pleasure, with the empty streets, loads of parking spots, and a very quiet city. I even got to go shopping, without all the chaos that boxing day brings. Yes folks, I went to the mall, got a great parking spot, and shopped in peace without being pushed/shoved, or having merchandise being taken from my hands.
And, whilst shopping I noticed the Build-a-Bear workshop store (mostly emptied out) and had a flashbulb moment. Have any of you ever been to that store? Surely you, fellow reader, have been inside-either to spoil your nieces/nephews or perhaps to purchase a gift for a friend ('s kid). Basically you go there and you custom-build your teddy bear (or whatever other stuffed animal you choose), from the body, fur, color, outfit, stuffing, etc. You even get to name it and create a birth certificate.
Well, I was thinking what if and by that, I mean, BIG, BOLD 'WHAT IF' there was a similar-type store  only for Shidduch purposes-it would be called 'Design a Dude' (sorry guys-statistics 'prove' there are many more single girls than guys at the moment). I'm sure hundreds if not thousands of mothers would be lined up outside the store, with their daughters, waiting to get in. They would get to 'customize' their own 'dude' and then walk away with exactly what they were looking for.
If only life were that easy....
However, most people know you don't always get what you want...and you can't pick and choose, let alone even 'customize' your guy (to suit your needs). Probably the only truth is that perhaps you can choose out his clothes (no one said he HAS to where them) and maybe even call him whatever pet name you like (as long as he answers by it)
I guess it's a good thing that no such place exists....after all, with everyone always wanting MORE (and what the next one has), imagine how long the line would be for returns/repairs.

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  1. Midrash Rabah, Kohelet, chapter 1, paragraph 34:
    Rabbi Yudan taught in the name of Rabbi Aybu:
    No person leaves this world with even half his desires fulfilled.