Tuesday, January 15, 2013


My friend Chavi has this thing about her-she always sees the good. The good in people, the good in situations, in fact she can make the best of any situation really. Anyway, she's really awesome (which is why we r friends, naturally) and has this mindset about 'the small things' in life. Sometimes they might be referred to as a 'coincidence' others may just think 'wow-that's EXACTLY what I was looking for JUST THIS SECOND'. Basically it's those small good things that happen through out your day/week/month/year /life that make a difference to your day/week/month, etc that you come to appreciate. Like I said, not always can one appreciate these things, sometimes we blame it on chance, but Chavi has a way of recognizing it's from HASHEM and has coined the phrase 'Hashem's Hugs' for these small things in life.
So, it is with her catchphrase that I will post today.
You see, when trying to make shidduch calls, or calling references I find they always say 'A-M-A-Z-I-N-G things and the boys are always the BEST boys from the NICEST families, etc or you just can't find any people who know them and the references are from years back when the boy in question was in diapers in the bungalow colony.
Not today folks. Today was a Hug from Hashem. I was redd a guy from across the globe (ok I may be exaggerating just a touch here) where there really isn't a large Jewish community and where I wouldn't even know anyone who knows someone. However, upon 'chance' (recognizing loudly here that HASHEM plants seeds for things, and everything happens for a reason...) I once met a woman on a bus in Israel, who happens to live in a city near this boy. Not only that, but this woman whom I met so long ago-gave me her card 'just in case' and I have her in my address book along with my other emails from sem. I decided to go out on a limb and ask her, even though I haven't been in touch with her for years and she's in a totally diff city (but still closer than anyone else I know ANYWHERE near there). Lo & behold she got in touch with me almost immediately (despite the time difference) and happens to even know the guy & his family very well.
What ARE the odds?
Summing it up: a guy from Huppitsville---a random woman on a bus in Israel (also from a Huppits place, close to Huppitsville)---one email kept over the years & which is still being checked---response almost immediately---she actually knows guy from Huppitsville.
So that my Hug from HASHEM today. Keep a lookout for ur HUGS & thanks G-d for them each time ;)
May we all merit recognizing Hashem's Hugs


  1. In recent months, one third of each of my blog messages is dedicated to THANKING HASHEM.

    You can find my blog by clicking on my name, and then clicking on [JOIN THIS GROUP].

  2. http://thepartialview.blogspot.com/2013/01/ami-magazine-shidduch-crisis-simply-and.html

  3. B"H
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    Her minimum requirements: She's a proud Jew; Trusts G-d and believes in divine providence; Rejects the compromise in the "conservative" or "reform" spin; Lights Shabbos candles; Younger than he is; Healthy; Health-minded; Fit and willing to relocate.

    My friend runs a successful business in Northeast suburbia. He's 43, 5' 9"; Clean-shaven; Never married; American-bred. Visited Israel, but speaks only English. Exercises, is politically conservative, has common sense. He's friendly, upright, gentlemanly and won't waste time. Has will-power. Does not overeat. He became attuned to orthodox spirituality several years ago. He admires Chabad and its ideology. He dons tefillin daily and attends Torah lectures.

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