Sunday, January 20, 2013

I Got my Men (limited time only)

Following my post about Hashem's Hugs, I have something I would like to share with you all. Today I went shopping with friends and apparently there was some kinda freak blizzard whilst we were at the mall. When we came back to get the car, there was like hail, snow, sleet everywhere but it wasn't that cold and the streets were mostly clear of anything.
Whilst driving up a small steep hill to head back home we noticed that 2 green lights had come and gone without anyone moving. Suddenly the car infront of us began to reverse. I freaked out and 'flashed' him to let him know there was nowhere to go (especially with 4 cars behind me). My friend Shoshi was quick to point out that he was stuck on black ice and was trying to reverse and maneuver his car to get traction. Finally he managed to zigzag his way up and I followed suite. Only to realize I wasn't moving, if only I was sliding backward a bit. I was a bit panicked (something about getting stuck on a steel hill backward) and a bystander was kind enough to try and point out where to steer but to no avail.
Finally I put my blinkers on whilst still trying to get outta the mess and hoping all the cars behind me would give up and back out to the street before.
Next thing I know the couple in the car behind me both got out, the driver came up to my window and said 'remain calm, we will help get your car up and we will push you out'. How do you remain calm knowing that even with that help, if your car slides even a small bit backward you risk running over the good, kind Samaritans helping you? In any case they tried but to no avail.
My friend Shaindy quickly pointed out that we were getting additional help. Out of NOWHERE a soldier appeared to help the good Samaritans push my car. Still no luck. Then, again, a second soldier (folks this was in the heart of downtown on a busy street, midday) comes from who knows where and all began to push until finally my car took traction and I managed to 'put the petal to the metal' and get past the top of the steep incline to the next road.
We were all amazed. All of us wanted to stop the car then and there and thank these kind people for literally getting out there and rolling up their sleeves to help out. Obviously we didnt stop-otherwise we would risk same problem.
We also had no clue where these 2 random soldiers came from? And the strength for 3-4 men to push a car uphill on black ice?!?
So thank you HASHEM for an obvious and loving hug.
(When telling over this story to another friend, she was quick to ask, 'Israeli soldiers? Did they ask you out?' No and no. Although it would've been my 'knight in shining armor rescuing moment'. 3 guys for 3 girls.
I had my knights, just on a time constraint.

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  1. I suggest reciting Tehillim before driving a car.