Saturday, January 5, 2013

Can You Name the Name?

I was speaking with yet another 'new' shadchan this past week, who, after taking down my basic details began to name me some guys.
Before she commenced with the name game she quickly mumbled a disclaimer something to the likes of 'now, based on your info, you MAY have already heard these names...' and then asked me to get a pen and paper.
She named the first guy and I never heard of him-I quickly scribbled down some information.
She named the second guy, which sounded vaguely familiar. I was quick to interrupt her and asked her some basic info on the guy (he's from Manhattan and is in med school and should be around 6 feet, right?) to which she confirmed. The next thing I know,  I gave her an entire life story of the guy complete with a conclusion of why he wasn't for me.
We moved on to the next and then the next, and lo & behold, each one sounded familiar. I interrupted her to ask about some specifics to confirm if indeed the guy she was naming was the guy I thought I had already heard about and when she confirmed that it was indeed the guy, I would give her a story. It was either a terrible date, didn't even GET to the date-that's how terrible it was, etc. But EACH guy had a story
I hung up the phone in half-shock. How did I even REMEMBER these names? Most were common, most sounded pretty standard in terms of names, jobs, schools, places, yet I was spot-on with 90% of them. I guess when each guy has his own story, either from a date, a phone-call, a reference call, etc. its pretty easy to remember. Most people remember stories, especially when they are not the norm.
Guess it's Hashem's way of making me remember-each one had a story.
Weird part was, when I retold the story to the Shadchan, she agreed on every point, she wasn't surprised at the stories, and even knew about some of them...
So all you out there-start creating stories. Hopefully they will be good ones, nice ones, and happy ones. Of course the best stories are the ones that end in 'happily ever after'.

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