Friday, July 6, 2012

The VacaDate

I have a friend, Shaindy, who LOVES traveling. I mean, any chance she gets, she's on a flight, out to somewhere exotic, even for just a few days, without a care in the world. There are people like that and Shaindy is one of them. Funny thing is, with her, she always gets a last minute date when she either on vacation or leaving for vacation. It's becoming a 'thing' with her. I keep telling her to just pack extra in case, but as much as she enjoys dating and wants to settle down, she feels the need to separate vacation from dating. I agree with her. Everyone needs a break now and then and if there is a shidduch suggestion, hopefully the guy can wait a few days until she gets back, or she works around his schedule and her flights, etc. Last I heard, Shaindy was planning another one of her exotic getaways with a friend. After she booked her ticket, she was redd to a guy and never heard back. A week before she was to leave the Shadchan called to tell her that her own friend sorta got involved and told the boy's family that she wasn't for him. Turns out though, that the guy was interning in that same exotic location for a few months, so the Shadchan was pushing for it to work out, as what are the odds with such an exotic location-same time, same place, and what she felt was a great match. But, to her dismay, they didn't wish to proceed. Shaindy was happy as she got to travel with her friend, but then she got a call as she was relaxing on the beach asking her if she would be willing to go out-apparently the boy changed his mind. This was the day before her flight back home. She informed her friend about her concern-to grab an opportunity but also not to 'abandon' a friend, and in the end, after much pressure from the shadchan, she agreed and went out with the guy. Luckily she was leaving home the next day so it wasn't an issue for her friend, who agreed to stay in for their last night of vacation.
Don't we all wish that vacation dating would be this easy? I mean, not that I would mix dating and vacation. I've been to a few exotic locations myself and on numerous times, when I tour cities, or people hear I will be in a specific location and try and set me up, I sorta have to have the person I'm traveling with in mind. Yes, I wouldn't miss an opportunity if I'm there anyway and I think it's worth a shot. But would I abandon my single friend so I can go on a date and leave her all alone, single without a date-that would be against all single-girl-vacation rules. Especially if there are only 2 of us going on vacation. Maybe if there were more than two, I would agree. Or if there were some family/friends who the friend I'm on vacation with would know. 
Would you vacadate, as I've named it, or would you prefer to wait until you come back rejuvenated?


  1. My one vacadate blew up in my face.

    Kinda scarred me for life.

  2. Wait until you return from vacation.