Thursday, July 19, 2012

A so-called "Problematic" Suggestion

My older, grandmotherly co-worker came up to me the other day with a huge smile planted on her face. "SOS", she said proudly, 'I met this wonderful woman the other day...' and that is how it all started. She proudly went on (in not too hush of a tone) telling me about this woman she met who knows alot of 'boys' and how this woman has a boy for me. 
Sounds like Fiddler on the Roof?
I was polite and smiled back at her, listening attentively. After all, she did mean well, I mean, even if all my co-workers and employer overheard me. She was so excited that she may be the 'shliach' in this Simcha and she started telling me these wonderful things about the boy that this woman knew.
"There's only one problem" she said as she took a long, deep breathe.
(I tried not to roll my eyes as I thought of how many times I heard that line. How many 'small problems' I heard about, how many more 'problem' turned out to be ENORMOUS issues and how many boys I dated with those massive problems)....
"He's around 6"2 tall"

ok folks, WHY is height a problem? I know I ranted about this before. I know I am on the shorter side. But, we live in 2012. I have made relatives, friends, etc who dated and married boys a foot taller than them (ya-the wedding photos of her standing on a milk crate and him leaning over are proof!). There is also something called SHOES, and specifically shoes with heels, wedges, platforms, etc. But, I guess people see height, whether short or tall, as a 'problem'.

"I understand", I told her, "someone's gotta be able to reach those high kitchen cupboards for me" and I walked away smiling...


  1. lol!! what did she answer to that??

  2. If you were a baalat teshuvah, then you would have these problems much less often, because much fewer people would be suggesting shidduchim for you.

    If you were also Sephardic also, then you would have these problems even less often, because even fewer people would be suggesting shidduchim for you.

    These problems you complain about are blessings in disguise, because at least people are suggesting shidduchim for you; some girls have NOBODY suggesting shidduchim for them. You must thank HASHEM that you are not one of those girls.

  3. My life is the reverse.

    "The problem is," they say, "he's 5'8."

    And this may be a fictional height to begin with.

    I never thought I had a problem with guys' heights until they started attacking me for mine. Yes, I know I am an Amazon. But I can assure you my family genetics in no way conspired to create me to make you feel like a Munchkin.

  4. I get the same thing, though with me being a boy it actually makes a difference, because despite my indifference, no girl wants to go out with a guy several inches shorter than her.