Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Online Verification of Facts

So how relevant is this to my previous post?
One of these online Shidduch sites has found me a potential match. When I click to open it, there is a new little flashy symbol that states that age verification. Naturally, I click on it. OK folks, I'm like a very curious person. So I like searching things and verifying stuff for myself, but being that this was new and I wasn't really buying it, I click onto it and it tells me that the guy who is my potential match had his age verified through various public records, etc.
So, I guess there has been alot of mishaps with regards to people's personal info. Wonder if they can verify the photos as well :)

1 comment:

  1. Age is probably the easiest and most common thing to lie about, especially since it is not to completely evident just from looking at the person. I've heard of stories where one party (usually the girl) found out the other party (usually the guy) was much older than she was originally told. Of all the things out this this is also the easiest to confirm, since other things can vary depending on a number of factors (weight, clothing size, looks, hair color), but someone's age won't ever change...