Monday, September 26, 2011

I'm Thinking of You..

well folks, it's that time of the year again....the phonecalls, the good wishes, the 'back-rubbers' who come up to you in Shul to wish you a 'gut g'bentched yahr' with that slightly hidden wink and the mention of this year being 'the' year and full of Simchas, etc.
I sorta cringe at this time.
a) becuz it reminds me that another year has passed, and I'm STILL here, single and looking, just a year older than last.
b) the back rubbers-seriously, THINK the wishes, no need to rub my back whilst doing so. especially since we have NOTHING to do with each other-other than ur hand rubbing the small of my back whilst you have that pitiful look on your face
c) the wishes-I mean, what am I supposed to say? It's the same Bracha and wishes, I usually just avoid eye-contact and nod, silently thinking AMEN and please AMEN so I don't have to go through this (again) next year!

But, this year, my single friends, I thought of a plan. It all came about when a long-lost friend called me to wish me a gut g'bentched yahr and all that, and she said 'I just want to let you know that although we don't speak often; you're ALWAYS on mind mind'. This got me thinking. I'm gonna manufacture headbands for people to wear and on it, it BIG BOLD letters, it will state 'YOU'RE ON MY MIND'.
There, I said it. I have created what most of us singles will look at the best gift ever! That way all the well-wishers can walk around wearing these 'fashionable' headbands (customized color, fonts, bedazelled, etc.) and NOT have to say anything-we already KNOW we're on their mind :)

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