Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The FEW Good Men...

OK, so just as I was getting annoyed with all the pre-date conditions I was receiving from the guys who I was being suggested to, I got what my good friend, Ruchie calls a 'Hug from Hashem'.
A European boy was suggested to a good few months ago.....and suddenly in midst of my pre-depressed state over all these pre-conditions from the pre-madonna'd guys, this European guy gets brought into the picture.
OK, big deal right? I won't hear about it for another few months...
But......and BIG BUT inserted here->
This European guy is now my MASCOT for what all single guys on dates should be like. He should go on a worldtour speaking to men and changing their 'Shidduch mentality'.
You see, this guy gave all the perfect (perfect in MY world) answers when asked questions. I guess he's just not that in touch with the Shidduch world, or just that it's European mentality, or just that he's a GREAT catch.
His #1 question was NOT for a photo, not for a resume, not to email his shadchan/sister/mother/agent, not how I look, not my skirt size, my weight, or if my family has money, but......and wait for this.....drumroll please.....he asked if I have good MIDDOS. WOW!

All the information that was relayed to me by the shadchan about how this boy acted and reacted was just soooo refreshing! so pleasant, so naive in a way, but worldly in another. Not a stuck up, snot-nose, full-of-himself guy who can request a girl for breakfast, lunch and supperm, but a selfless, mentchlech guy who actually cares. Old-fashioned mentality.

So, here's a shout out to the FEW good guys out there! Thanks for giving me hope, for giving me chizuk and mostly for letting me know that there really ARE some AWESOME single boys :)

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  1. That's what I say when I've had a good date (with a mentschlach guy) even though it doesn't result in a relationship - at least I know these guys exist!