Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Changing Who You Are.....on Paper

So last week I got a call from a Shadchan. She asked me to send her my resume, for the umptheeth time. So I just go to my sent items (from months back) and click 'forward' (once again) and there she has it.
Then I get a follow up call...Wait?! A follow up call?! who even DOES that these days? AND, it's waaaayy too soon for a 'yes' or 'no' answer from the guy, after all, it has only be a few days since it was sent, so, here I'm thinking, WHY am I getting this 'follow up' call?
Turns out she wants me to change something on my resume.
Now, peoples, here's the way I work: I have my resume, I send it, and once it's in my sent items, and in the inbox of the receiver-they can do whatever they want with it-assuming they ain't forwarding it to their entire email list, and/or posting it in Times Square or somethin. So I give them permission to cut, copy, and paste whatever they wanna show or not show and voila, as the French say.
This Shadchan, however, informed me that she was worried the boy wouldn't agree to date me as we are the same age. When I was younger, heck ya, it mattered to me if a guy was younger than me, as like I was 21-22, so a male younger than that is what I consider 'real immature', but in my current age, it hasn't really bothered me, but I get that a guy would be 'bothered' by it. Anyway, the Shadchan was worried and asked me to remove my age from the paper.
Logically, I always ask age, so whether its on the paper or not, I would still ask, but the Shadchan said the boy can find out on his own.
So, my fellow singles, you are the senders & receivers of such resumes....what would YOU do?


  1. I feel like simply going through such a shadchan takes away of all possibility of having a good dating experience, regardless of the boy :(
    I wouldn't remove it. Its pointless, age is one of those things u cannot change nor view differently, if it really bothers her, tough, she should do a better job at convincing him for who you are then perhaps age will not be the predominant matter

  2. U can prob take it off, it will however probably be asked. (When my parents were going out, my father was lied to abt my moms age. The shadchan told hm she was two years older than she was as he knew he didnt want to marry someone under a certain age. Once they were engaged he asked my mom when her birthday was, and was mortified to find out her real age.)

  3. Been there.

  4. YN: I agree with you. I'm an honest person by nature, & just as I wouldn't want to be lied to-I don't like to 'misinform' anyone.
    Professor: I've heard many stories about people marrying younger as they were not told, or were misinformed about age, and in the end it didn't matter-they all lived 'happily ever after'. I assume this being the reason the Shadchan didn't wanna mention it-she wanted me to have a happily ever after...