Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Outdated Info

There has come a time in every shidduch-aged-single's life when they realize that the information they were provided on a potential match is outdated.

This can happen either whilst phoning a reference who happens to mention that he hasn't been in touch with the potential in years, or when finding out the potential is a few years OLDER than mentioned age on the resume, or that he is no longer in that yeshiva/job.

It then becomes quite frustrating, tracking down the UPDATED info and finding people who currently know the individual and then contacting the shadchan to let them know the info is outdated.

Some people are smart enough to put a date on their resume. That sorta helps, especially when they don't write their birthday, you can just figure it out by the date on the resume.

In any case, each time I send out my resume, I try and do a once-over to make sure everything is up to date.

Oddly enough, I got slack from a shadchan this week, informing me that it was difficult for her to 'redd' me to some guys as the info she has on me is years old. This was surprising to me, as in fact I had met with her not even a year ago, in PERSON and she even took notes whilst I was there, in addition to my resume, and lastly-embarassingly enough, pulled out a camera, explaining that even though she didn't tell me in advance, since I was there anyway, she would need a visual to remember me by.

So, even when you do make the effort to ensure everything is up to date-I guess for some people, it'll still make no difference-they probably just add your updated info to the back of their binders, or bottom of their pile and keep referring back to the old papers....

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  1. Wow lol, she "needed a visual to remember you by"... I believe that, but I also know how that a resume with a picture sells 10x faster than one without one.