Tuesday, June 21, 2011

June: The Wedding Month

I love June. I do, it means, beginning of summer. beginning of sun. vacation. tans. swimming pools. long late night walks. festivals. flowers. beaches. weddings :)

Yes, this past week has B"H been a wedding-filled week and I've definitely been enjoying the dancing, the music, the BAR, etc.

I also had the privilege of attending a few sheva brachos, and at one of them, this guy spoke and he said something so true that I felt it would be appropriate to share it on this blog.

The guy who spoke got up and said 'In the beginning, when someone redds a Shidduch, everything sounds AMAZING, wonderful, 'the best',' as he describes it 'Eretz Zavas Chalav u'Dvash'. But then, he says 'after all the great, you decide to look into things, and you find out everything is NOT so hotsy totsy...There are some chesronos that people fail to mention, so you have to do your hishtadlus, you have to be like the miraglim, the spies, and investigate the truths and the not-so-pleasants.'

I havta say, I was very satisfied with his speech, it was true, it was humorous and while it wasn't the 'uplifting' kind, I definitely nodded my head in agreement more than once.

Yes, all Shidduchim sound great, but it is our job (I used to think it was the Shadchan's job-but I guess times have changed) to do our investigation and find out if everything is indeed 'zavas chalav udvash' or not.

Hoping all of you find your TRUE chalav dvash!

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  1. I disagree. The spies went to do their hishtadlus and they came back saying lashon harah. You should get to know the person for yourself and not ask others.