Wednesday, May 5, 2010


At the office, we have this magnet hanging on our refrigerator in the kitchen (pic courtesy of my awesome iphone :) that reads-well, you can click on it to view.
In any case, to illustrate the point, my friend's brother was going to Starbucks and offered to pick something up for her-I know, for a brother, he's really nice. In any case, being that I was around at the time AND I'm obesssed with coffee-especially Starbucks Frappuccinos, he offered to get me one as well. So I give him my order clearly 'mocha frappuccino-mezzo-no whip-remember the straw'.
Pretty simple orders for a guy to understand, right?
But, in following the tradition of men forgetting just 1 minor thing-he bought the frappuccino, right flavor, right size, even rememebered the straw!
problem: He left it on my desk to defrost and turn into liquid for 1.5 hours before I was able to get there to drink it. So much for the part to actually put it in the freezer so it can still be frozen by the time I get to the office.


  1. gr8 magnet :)
    quick note - starbucks changed their frappaccino mix right after pesach and the new one does not have a hechsher.

  2. Sorry, Anon, but their non-packaged Fraps never had a hashgacha.
    I hope shadchanim don't know about your treif addiction, SOS....

  3. it melted while all your 'girl' friends walked right by it
    anyways how was supposed to know u would be gone for 1.5 hrs in middle of work