Saturday, October 31, 2009

Top 10 reasons to date on Halloween

1. No one will see you, especially when you go out in costume-who would think ur even Jewish? probably some trick or treaters who got lost.
2. Get to see his creative side-what will he go dressed as?
3. Don't need to think of a lounge, or 'fun place' to go to-you can just walk on the streets, like the rest of the costumed trick or treaters
4. For the guy=why spend $12.00 on a diet sprite at a lounge, when you can get candy for FREE?
5. For the girl=no need to worry about your hair-throw on a mask, wig, and/or hat
6. You can go to haunted houses-how cool is that? (wait a sec-it may be a shailah of kol isha if skeletons freak her out!)
7. You get to your true colors (even tho girls shouldn't wear 'red')
8. For guys-no need to worry about suit, no suit, casual, etc. just wear a vampire costume-they're very popular these days.
9. CANDYCORN!!! who doesn't love them?!?!
10. You can always blame ur wacky & nutty personality on ur costume=its all 'part of the act'!

1 comment:

  1. Who said girls can't wear red?

    Reference: Rembrandt's "Jewish Bride," wearing red. In the cultural norm in the various places we've gone too, it was not always PC to wear unflattering white on one's wedding day.

    And I happen to own a few red items that I do wear . . .