Wednesday, March 25, 2015

He JUST Gave a "Yes" to Someone.....

Chances are, that if you've been in the Shidduch system, you've heard this phrase numerous times already. After all, "it's a boys' world". Boys have 'lists' and 'photo albums' and they also have mothers....meddling mothers (disclaimer: not all boys have this, but this is for stereotypical purposes only). 
I've been asked to forward my resume to a Shadchan and after a week, I decided to actually be proactive, so I called her up. She told me she was trying to reach the boy's mom but to no avail. So for the past 2 weeks, I'm playing telephone tag-well, not really tag, as I keep calling but don't get any answers....until yesterday. Yesterday the Shadchan called to tell me that the boy did indeed get my resume, but he just gave a yes to someone else. Ok, I can live with that. Of course, I won't know if it's true or not, but I've been in this game to know that letting things run its own course can't hurt. 
Later on that evening, the Shadchan called me again and asked-"but is it possible you can send them a photo?"
That got me thinking. I've been in this boat before-if the boy 'just gave a yes' to another girl, as they claim-why would he want my photo now? He's going to date another girl?? How can they even ask for this? Especially after giving that particular excuse! So I thought and my anger was simmering for a few hours...and my mind kept on going all night and then the next day. I called the Shadchan back and politely agreed to send my photo to them....only if and after he becomes 'available' to date again....

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