Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Dad, Mom, We Love You Too!

Harsh, that's how I would describe the Shidduch system. It's cruel and hurtful and most stressing on the emotions. We cry alot and sure, we laugh alot (only once we're safely home after the date!) but in truth, we are all basket cases-drained of emotions.
That's where support comes in. I, B"H am very fortunate to have an awesome family bli ayin hara. We're all very close and share everything and I know I can count on my family for their support. Sure, we have our arguments and disagree-mostly, when it comes to Shidduchim, but hey-can I blame my parents for loving me and wanting me to have the best? Can I blame them for wanting to see me married already? Nopes, it only makes me thankful to have the most rockin' mom and dad in the world. So, whilst I may not tell them on a daily basis, and while we do have our battles in terms of Shidduchim, at the end of the day I know it's because they love me.
Second to them, I am blessed to have truly wonderful friends. I can count on them to laugh with me and to have cryfests, movie nights and private karaoke. I can count on them to save me from a horrid date, but only if my parents can get through to me first ;)
So whilst I'm constantly ranting on this site, I feel it's only necessary to take a small portion of this blog and let you all think for a minute. While we are going through these trying times and feel we are alone-we are NOT. We are surrounded by our loved ones and should pay tribute to that.

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