Friday, May 30, 2014

What a Guy Must Do to Win me Over, part IV

AAAAHHH-I shrieked at the top of my lungs. There I was shivering, standing at the doorway with only a towel, my hair dripping wet, part of it covered in white, foaming, shampoo. I looked like a member of KISS-with my mascara running down my cheeks, half-makeup on one eye, the other still on. 
I think I freaked out half my family as I stood there shivering, with only a towel, yelling. You see-it was a spider, staring at me from the wall of the shower. There I was enjoying the perfectly hot water and humming along to the top 20 when I noticed it. I could no longer close my eyes and enjoy the moment, I was paranoid to say the least (hence the half-naked performance outside the bathroom door). My brother was sooo disturbed by the site of me, that he just ran passed me, took his shoe off and SLAM. I was good to go back in like a decent person and walk out even more so.
When my father heard the story (like I said, I think my family is gonna need therapy for the site and sound of me!) he was like, "whose bigger? YOU or the spider? What are you gonna do when you get married??"
"Simple", I said, and then at the bottom of my resume I added "Must be able to kill insects IF and WHEN found"

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  1. Thus narrowing the narrow field of candidates even further.