Sunday, May 18, 2014

Résumé 2.0

At first, there were no resumes. They just simply didn't exist. People had to actually (gasp) speak over the telephone and jot down the info they were given first hand. Then they would proceed to make calls, etc. 
Enter 'the résumé'. Where it came from and when it actually began, who knows. All I know is that mid-Shidduchim people got lazy and slowly they didn't wanna speak by phone. Their answering machines stated quite clearly that if the call was shidduch related, not to leave a message or to only call between certain hours. Telephoning turned into faxes, which turns into emails and then text messages. Online dating sites and sending photos have become the norm. 
Society has become comfortable with this way of dating but I have not. I'm fed up with people telling me to remove/edit/delete from my info. I don't care if my photo is too far back or too close up. One of my face and one of my figure. Honestly, by the time each shadchan, person who got my info by chance, actual feedback from guys/their moms goes through my info and nitpicks, if they don't like what they see, then good cuz I ain't interested in looking through thesaurus' to find the actual words they would prefer to see on my résumé. 
This mom said I sound too outgoing because I'm involved in many communal Chesed projects B"H.  Another thought that I was too modern cuz I'm into baseball-sheesh. One woman heard I go to shiurim and thought I was yeshivish whilst another heard I wore nailpolish and was appalled at how a Bais Yaakov type girl can go around like that, she felt it wasn't tznius. 
All in all, each person will pull apart as many or few words known as ur résumé, that's meant to describe you. 
Well, folks, I cannot be described on paper. Each one will interpret my writing into whatever they understand it as. The way I see it, I'm gonna havta change over my entire résumé (yet again). This time I'm only keeping the basics, no descriptions, superlatives, or even verbs. 
Keepin it simple :)


  1. I keep my info to a bare minimum—in the end, everyone likes to think they are being honest about themselves, but how people (OK, guys) type out their "qualities" . . . yeesh.

    Gals like you and I, who remember a different age of shidduch dates . . . e-mail wasn't available in my sister's time, so suggestions really had to be sold. It wasn't just sending random information to random people and expecting replies. You had to SELL the suggestion!

    In the end, you and I (the heimishe Hungarians) fall into our own unique categories. So our basherts will be unique as well!

  2. Princess-here's a toast to our unique Heimishe/Hungarian status! May the force be with us both :)

  3. “Tell only clean jokes”
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