Monday, May 12, 2014

Women׳s Rights

In relevance to yesterday's Mother's Day, this post is dedicated to my savta. 
A few years back I was in NY for a date. I was staying at my grandmother and (being typical Hungarian) she knew the boy's grandparents back from way back when, etc and was very excited about this potential young gentleman. Sure enough, I arrive to NY, and am tired but eagerly await my pick up. The guy knew I was traveling that day to meet him and was due to pick me up shortly afterwards. My savta gets a phonecall and gives me the phone. The boy sounded really weird on the phone and explained he was drunk as it was his best friend's wedding and he didn't wanna miss it but knew he had a date so he wanted to make the most out of his short time there and drank a wee but too much. Too much too drunk and didn't think it was smart to go on a date like that. So he cancelled. 
Yes, although he was being responsible for not drinking and driving (with me in his car) it was totally irresponsible of him to do this when he has previously arranged a date with me and knew I was traveling early in order to make the most out of our time. I was extremely frustrated as can be imagined. My savta, on the other hand, was fuming. She couldn't get over how 'UNgentlemanly' this guy was and the nerve to do that to a girl, especially after traveling all day and getting ready. 
Anyway, we both went to sleep that night with heavy hearts. The next morning the same guy was to pick me up. Morning because we had to make up for lost time from the night before. 
Again, we waited and waited. I tried to call him but no answer. Minutes turned Into hours. I tried reaching the shadchan who couldn't get through to the guy either. I was ready to travel back on an earlier schedule at that point and just end it there, but the phone rang. I was in the other room and overheard my savta explaining to the guy in a very firm tone that under no circumstances whatsoever does a guy do this to a girl. And for him, this was a SECOND strike out. 
She went on to tell him never to make a girl wait and then to make her wait for so long and cancel and then reschedule and still no show??!?!?!?!
Honest, after overhearing the convo, I was afraid of my tough Savta For telling the guy off but she was right and no one woulda had the guts to say it better. 
Shout Out to my savta for having my back and teaching men to respect women :)

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  1. I wish that Jewish men would stop getting drunk,
    even on Purim, and even at weddings.
    There is NEVER a valid excuse to become drunk!