Thursday, May 22, 2014

It's all about the Packaging

My friend Malky mentioned something this week which "inspired" this blog post. She basically told me that she bought this really funky wedding outfit the other day at this custom-made place where all the fashionistas shop. She was really excited about it and wore it proudly to a wedding on Lag Baomer night. At the meal, her neighbor came by to compliment her outfit and asked where she bought it. She told the neighbor, but then again, this neighbor's family has a clothing manufacturing company, so the neighbor, being a "clothing connaiseur" quietly told Malky that the outfit was from her company and they manufacture and sell with different tags, one of which is this store. Basically it's like saying you bought a Zac Posen gown and then found out that H&M made it and placed at Zac label on it! You can imagine how Malky felt. 
When she told me the story I couldn't help but laugh at how many people shop at that unique haute couture shop, all thinking they are wearing one-of-a-kind customized pieces when really it's the same thing they sell elsewhere for loads cheaper. If these people know, they would never shop at this fancy little dress shop. 
Going back to my point-it's all how you package things. See, I'm an out-of-towner and most guys (and/or their moms) freak out and slam down the phone when they hear those nasty three words (out of town). But when the shadchan packages the whole shpiel and first gives my name, and qualities, it should be said in such a way that the guy is so taken by the entire package that he doesn't care about the 'out of town' and says yes to a date. So all of you out there, when you suggest me to a guy, please just package me well. 
Now will someone get me a Zac Posen label, or whatever label guys go for.

ps if I marry a guy named Isaac/Zachary Posen I will always refer to this post!


  1. I was advised by many people to marry an out-of-town girl.
    I can't understand why being out-of-town is a problem.

  2. Shadchaning, in general, used to be about calling someone up and actually SELLING another person, not just randomly forwarding emails. It is not called redting a shidduch when there is actually no talking.