Sunday, March 2, 2014

Trust Issues continued

So remember the previous post with the pic of the supposed chocolate chip cookie-turned-to-be-raisin cookie? Yes it was cute and I appreciated the humor. 
But the reality check is, most shadchans make the boys sound like rich chocolate chips, the ones that ooze chocolate cuz they're half melted on the cookie, when in truth, the boys are mere raisins, they're dried out, full, or 'faking to appear like chocolate but really are NOT. 
Case in point just happened (again) this week. A shadchan had called me early on the week to ask that I send my résumé to her urgently as she had a boy in mind (she have me very brief but detailed info on him). I never heard back from her so I assumed, as always, that when someone take to get back to you it means the guy isn't interested. Then, tonight the shadchan called mistake! She mixed up my number with another girl! When she realized I wasnt that 'other girl' I asked her whatever happened with the guy she asked my résumé for. She told me she already set him up with someone else and she never ended up giving him my info. When I asked further, she said he flew back to Israel. 
Later on this evening, I was speaking to an old roomie of mine, who just so happens to be married to this boy's cousin! When i found out they were related I told her I might need her info on him when he travels back from Israel. She was shocked and half laughing, asked why I thought he was 'back there' when he was in North America! I told her that's what the shadchan told me...guess what=the shadchan had lied!

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  1. In this case, it was the shadchan who was the dud, not the guy.