Monday, March 17, 2014

Chosson Mag?

Dunno if any of you fellow blog fans take to reading the NY Post but this article really disturbed me.
At first I was all like-yay, a shidduch site converted to a printed colored glossy=no more boring, grayscale, all text resumes, now we get colored photos. Then when I actually READ into the article, and some of the photos appeared I was even more turned OFF. 
For starters, what kind of men are so pathetically desperate to pose for such a thing to begin with? This is not how we Jews were brought up. We are better than that and we don't sell ourselves short (or cheap). But apparently desperate times calls for desperate measures?
I gotta be honest folks, as much as I wanna marry a great guy whose a mentch, there is something about being a bit on the edgy (dark?) side that I'm attracted to. Yet, the photos of these 'jewish' men, shirtless and perhaps even GULP! nude with Holy objects=utmost disturbing! 
I'm appalled that there are no mass protests against this embarrassment called a calendar! Hopefully that means no one's heard of it and they don't make a lot of sales (other than these boys' moms!). It's sick. I'm so turned off but these nebbish, hairy, pathetic men who would literally strip down for a stupid photo that makes them even more pathetic. And worse-with items such as tefillin? Tzedaka? Siddur? Where are these boys' mothers now huh? Did anyone educate these people?
So no, I take back my original thought about colored glossy. I'll stick to Facebook stalking if I needa see a pic of a guy I'm suggested to. Anything is better than this pathetic attempt of a photographer trying to get men to strip for his own personal interest. 
Forgive me while I leave this post to go vomit. 

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  1. Make sure you put in your shidduch resume that you don't want a hairy man. Otherwise, you're likely to be surprised.